Me as an ASF Member and a JBOSS/RedHat Employee

Two and half years have passed since I started to contribute to the Apache Software Foundation. I couldn’t get involoved many projects due to time constraint, but I improved open source software with many people. I wrote the code of the project I lead. I sent a patch to other project and suggested ideas then. What motivated me in this process is probably the ‘openness’ that open source software aims at.
Everyone can talk about the problem and its solution, and the most appropriate solution is chosen and applied. As long as it doesn’t hurt the open source spirit, there’s no politics there. Somewhat chaotic situation can happen as a project gets bigger, but it also brings more solutions and new ideas that hopefully propel the project. Even if a project starts from an individual’s effort, the project generates a uncontrollable big flow, a unmeasurable social value eventually. This is the ultimate meaning of open source activity; it was the most exciting moment that I couldn’t experience at any company.
On June 8, I became a member of the Apache Software Foundation. I feel indescribible joy that my activity and belief so far have been recognized by someone. I am also very proud that I am the first Korean among about 230 members in the foundation. However, what makes me happiest is the expectation about the new experience what I will have in the foundation. There wouldn’t be any drastic change in what I have been doing, but it makes me throb to learn various insights about open source activity and to help the foundation in a closer place.
On the other hand, my day job always reminds me of my open source software activity. Comparing to the open source software activity, the companies I worked with didn’t seem to succeed to satisfy me from the viewpoint of ‘openness’ and ‘the speed of change’. I’m never denying that I was able to continue my open source software activity all thanks to my day job and employer. NHN Corporation, my current employer, also took considerable amount of concern so I didn’t have any big difficulty in my activity. However, at the same time, it was actually also true that I was envying the full-time open source developers around me.
And the chance came to me finally!
This September, I will start to work with JBOSS/RedHat as a full-time open source developer to spend most time for MINA and JBoss Remoting. I am somewhat worried about the drastic change of the working environment; working remotely, but the fact that I can spend my every single day as an open source software developer is as much exciting as I became a member of the foundation. I’d like to start a new project I have imagined once I’m used to the new life style.
We always encounter unexpected events in our life. I have never thought all these things come to me so fast like this. It is regretful for me that I couldn’t focus on my day job at every moment due to various reasons such as the acquisition and some administration issues. In spite of that, I believe anyone in my situation would have chosen what I chose.

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  1. javanese

    엇~ 축하드립니다! 뭐 회사에서 못 뵙는 건 아쉽기도 하지만 여러모로 좋은 일이네요! 신혼에 재택근무라니 환상의 조합? 일본 가기전에 한 번 뵈어요 ^^

  2. 종만

    흑~ 같이 회사 다닌 지 얼마나 되었다고 도망가시다뇨. ㅠ.ㅠ

    그래도 밥 자주 같이 먹어요- ㅎㅎ

  3. 영회

    완전 축하드려요…
    지난번 점심에 들었던 희승씨 목표 벌써 달성했군요.
    full time open source 개발자라… 멋지네요.

  4. ologist

    축하드립니다. 좋아하시는 일을 full time으로 할수 있게 되었군요…^^

    하지만, 회사에서 계속 볼수 없다는 것이 아쉽네요~

  5. Joseph, Jang

    뭔가 또다시 같이 일할 기회가 생길까도 했는데 아쉽군요. 여하튼 부러운 길을 가시는군요. 축하드립니다~!

  6. 짱가

    이희승님 축하드립니다.
    열정에 가득찬 한발짝들을 옆에서 보면서 부러움반/기대반으로 응원하고 있습니다.
    무엇이든 첫번째라는 것은 대단하다고 생각이 됩니다.
    다시 한번 축하드리고 시도하시는 일이 일취월장 하시길 바랍니다.

  7. 검은열기

    완전 축하드립니다. NHN에서 더이상 볼 수 없는 것이 아쉽지만, 한국 개발의 위상을 높여 줄 수 있도록 계속 멋진 활동 해 주세요!

    다시금 축하드립니다.

  8. Trustin Lee

    @연하: 고마워~ 몸조리는 잘하고 있나? ^^

    @호석: 형도 홧팅 홧팅!! 결혼식도 와 주고 정말 고맙소~ㅠㅠ

  9. Sacha


    We are very glad you accepted to join JBoss, we are going to do great things together.



    CTO of JBoss, a division of Red Hat.

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