Project Archive

The following is the list of the project in which I was involved once upon a time. I don’t maintain or take part in them anymore:

  • Lorentz – A Generic object conversion framework
  • Maxine – A Simplistic JMX microkernel
  • OIL – A queue persistence library
  • TL-Launcher – A single-JAR application launcher
  • TL-IO – I/O and NIO utility classes
  • TL-Util – Miscellaneous utlitiy classes
  • Netty 1 – An event based BIO framework
  • Netty 2 – An event based NIO framework

Subversion Repository Access

Please use your Subversion client to check the source code out:

svn co gleamynode

5 Comments Project Archive

  1. Garth

    Thanks Trustin. I’m just interested in checking out the code and seeing how it was built. I have a very small project for which a full JMS provider is overkill, and I’d like to see how you designed it. I’ve already looked at some of the JBoss Messaging and ActiveMQ code, but I wanted to see something that wasn’t built specifically for JMS before I finalized my own design.

  2. Trustin Lee

    Hi Garth,

    I’m so happy that you are satisfied with my work. OIL is pretty out-of-date project, but let me upload it somewhere and update this page if you want to browse its source code. I’d suggesst you to use a JMS provider which provides in-VM transport though.

  3. Garth

    Hi Trustin,
    Thanks for all your wonderful software! I’ve been a Netty and MINA user, and have always been incredibly impressed with the quality of your projects.
    I’d like to take a look at the OIL source, but the svn repo seems to be missing. Is it available elsewhere?
    Thank you!


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