Advanced Bash-Scripting Guide in ePub and MOBI format

Mendel Cooper’s Advanced Bash-Scripting Guide is the most definitive and up-to-date guide for Bash. If you are interested in some advanced topics in shell scripting, this book is for you.
However, if you prefer to read a document in your e-book reader such as Kindle and Sony Reader, you are in trouble because the guide is only provided in TXT, HTML, PDB, and PDF / PS format. PDB is the closest thing to the modern e-book formats, but it seems like there’s no good free converter yet.
Good news is, because I really wanted to read it in my Kindle, I converted it into ePub and MOBI format. Download them here:

Unfortunately, the conversion was done manually, so I’m not sure I’ll update it again when a new version is released since the guide is already good enough for me. Hopefully, once the author converts the SGML source into XML and DocBook ePub stylesheet matures, the conversion will be much simpler and completely automatic.

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  1. Mendel Cooper

    I’m the author of the Advanced Bash Scripting
    Guide, and I commend Trustin on all the effort
    he’s put into the conversion to epub. I hope
    people find it useful.

    Some notes:

    I did at one time attempt a conversion to xml, but it would have involved a good deal of work and would have take a couple of weeks. The conversion is not quite straightforward, and it consists mainly of closing markup tags, which xml requires. I don’t think I’ll make any serious efforts in that direction, but anyone sufficiently motivated is welcome to try. You can download the sgml source here:

    And, by the way, the current version of the book is 6.3, and this is an important update.


  2. Tomek

    Thanks a lot for that… i was just thinking of doing it manually by copy/paste to libreoffice, and them convert via calibre, but i senced someone did it already (and better).

    Thank you!

  3. Guansong Wang

    I cannot imagine how much effort you put into this by manually converting it.
    Thanks a lot for your work!!

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