Presentation Material: Java 5 Generics

발표 자료: Java 5 Generics

Download here. (Korean)
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Yes, I know. Java 6 has been released. But it is also true that not all developers know how to design their API with Generics, and it’s because they might not have a chance to catch up this big change. So, I wrote a presentation material for my teammates, and of course, myself.

압니다. 얼마전 Java 6가 나왔지요. 하지만 모든 개발자들이 Generics를 이용해 API를 디자인하는 법을 알고 있는 것은 아닙니다. Generics라는 큰 변화를 따라잡을 기회가 없었을 수도 있거든요. 그래서 우리 팀원들, 그리고 물론 제 자신을 위해 발표 자료를 만들었습니다.

(Please note this presentation material is written in Korean, my mother tongue. But wait! Just download and try to read the code and a few English sentences. If you are interested in this material, please let me know. I could translate it to English if I notice there’s demand for it. 🙂