The Reason Why Time Goes By So Fast Like This

… is probably because I am having really great time in Red Hat. There was a Remoting team meeting in Switzerland last month and I also attended the October new hire orientation in Singapore. Both countries were fantastic to me. People, city … almost everything. Especially, I can’t forget the moment with my wife in Switzerland. I’d love to visit there again whenever there’s a chance.

Working at remote is much more exciting than I expected. People might think working at remote makes one lazy, but it’s exactly opposite. I get to keep watching myself to make sure that I am not wasting time. Although it is not really comfortable that all my teammates and manager are not in a close time zone (two in the US and one in Switzerland), it’s also one of the factors that make me do my best to catch up all the events occurring in the division. I must admit it’s somewhat difficult to catch up everything, but hopefully I will be used to this new world, and moreover, it means that Red Hat / JBoss is a very dynamic workplace that will accelerate my experience.

MINA community is also growing up very nicely. Hopefully we will be able to release the first milestone of 2.0.0 before OSSummit Asia 2007, where I will attend as a speaker. (and that might be why I am working so hard on MINA. πŸ˜‰

In the middle of the fast-flowing time, I often think about many things I have never thought about before. The thoughts are somewhat fragmented to describe, but it is sure that it’s about ‘growing up’ – becoming a better and more mature person. At least I hope so.

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  1. Trustin Lee

    @queenbal: 흐흐 μ˜λΉˆλ‹˜λ„ μž˜μ§€λ‚΄μ‹œλŠ” 것 κ°™μ•„ κΈ°μ˜λ„€μš”~! μ• κΈ°λž‘ μ•„λ‚΄λ‹˜λ„ 잘 지내고 있고 κ·Έλ ‡μ£  뭐^^ μ–ΈλŠ₯ ν•œκ΅­μœΌλ‘œ λŒμ•„μ˜€μ„Έμš”~ 좜μž₯λΉ„λ‘œ 번 돈 함 ν‘Έμ…”μ•Όμ Έ γ…‹γ…‹

  2. queenbal

    희승 μ•ˆλ…•~~.
    잘 μ§€λ‚Έλ‹€λ‹ˆ 닀행이야…흐흐

    κ·Έλ•Œ Switzerland μ™€μ΄ν”„λž‘ 같이 갈까 κ³ λ―Όν•˜λ”λ‹ˆ, 같이 κ°”μ—ˆκ΅°~~ λΆ€λŸ½μ‚Ό~!!
    μ•„κΈ°λŠ” 잘 자라고 있겠져?
    일본 λ†€λŸ¬μ˜€λΌκ³ λŠ” λͺ»ν•˜κ² λ„€.. νž˜λ“€μ–΄μ„œ,,
    λ‚˜μ€‘μ— ν•œκ΅­ κ°€λ©΄ ν•œλ²ˆ λ΄μš”~ ^^


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