Long technical IRC conversation

It’s been a long time ago since I took part in a technical IRC conversation. Today, a few core community members of the Apache MINA project got together in the IRC channel and discussed about providing a way to build an extremely high performance network applicatiion by providing means for zero-copy (close to zero copy to be strict). The discussion progressed purely from technical viewpoint and it was therefore a lot of pleasure for all of us.

Now, what’s remaining is to excute the agreed changes in a branch, review it and merge it back to the trunk. I think coding should be the easist part considering the length of the conversation we had today. 🙂

I was recently very sceptical about and fed up with too long conversation without quick action, but today’s conversation was an exciting experience all thanks to the participients – Emmanuel, Julien and David. Thanks guys, and I hope my proposal will satisfy all of you!

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